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Do you Know..............

Your Mark sheets are seen the last in an interview...

Yes, the way we are schooled right from our 1st Standard ingrains in our minds , that the marks in our mark sheet are the decisive factors of our Success. This travels with us for a long time, stopping us from pursuing opportunities by Creating Self Made Fences around ourselves. 

Jobs and Careers are different and interchangeable.

Many people realize this after the age of 40, and after losing countless number of Opportunities. Job is something you do to exchange your time and skills for money, While career is something YOU PURSUE to rise up in your life and this requires intricate LIFE MANAGEMENT SKILLS

A small amount of awareness can change your life...

Awareness on the dynamics of how the world beyond your college life operates, Could make a Big Differences on the Speed of your Career Growth. Whatever Industry you might chose or be pushed into, Empowering Yourself with the fundamentals of WORK LIFE can ensure whatever happens across this world you are always in CONTROL of YOUR LIFE.

A quick introduction to the catapult program

Catapult is a intensive 30 hour program spread across 10 sessions of 3 hours each. The training Program encompasses all aspects of Human Development required for successfully clearing an interview and to live a successful life.  The program is delivered in both English and Tamil and also in a combination mode.

The program is designed by professional with over 5 decades of collective experience in recruitment, training and HR development. The modules are designed to bring in an instant and drastic change in the trainees from within themselves. 

Apart from training the candidates will undergo a professional assessment to identify the skills and passion of the trainees. The ideal industries which will help the candidates to enter and step on to a fast track mode in a very short time. 

Post assessment and certification  the profile of the candidates would be distributed across various Business Enterprises that are recruiting.  The trainees would have access to  post program recruitment and counselling support to enable them to clear interviews and earn themselves jobs that would enrich their career and future  and set them on a Growth Trajectory.


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Identifying Opportunities


The first thing that is available in this world for free is advice, Do you know the next thing that is available for free in abundance is OPPORTUNITY.  Once you master the art of identifying opportunity, You could ERASE the word Failure in your dictionary forever.

Creating Your Profile / CV


Profile is the first opportunity for the interviewer to know about you.  If there is one aspect that can fail when standardized, is your profile. For every job Interview you need to customize the profile, to match the expectations of the organization, from the immediate future to the future. 

Planning for an Interview


Attending an interview is like unlocking a combination lock. There are various aspects to be sequenced and delivered  at the right pace. The  difference between opening a lock and the interview process is, every time you need to  use a different key for the same lock.

Managing the Interview Process


Interview is a journey, where the destination is not succeeding in the interview, but the time you actually spend with the interview panel or person. Once you master the art of communication you would not only successfully sell yourself but you would do the same at an higher price.

Making an Impact


 Interviews are quick event and the interviewer weighs the pros and cons against the various candidates in a very short time. How you make them view you is what defines success. The same skills which you develop here can be applied across a diverse situations and locations 

Post Employment Management


Getting a Job is  just a small step, It is the way you work in the first few weeks that paves way for converting your job into a Career. There is so much home work to be done,  so much to be observed and  practiced.  It is the first few weeks that makes your employment Heaven or Hell.

Who can benefit from this program

Fresh Graduates

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After Graduation, everyone advises you, You generally have more lecturers then when you were in college. CATAPULT is a program that views you as an individual, gives you the generic skills needed for your success and helps you to identify the unique skills needed to compliment your individuality and sets you on a life time journey FULLY EQUIPPED!  

Change of Employment

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This program is ideal for people who are unhappy in their job, You spend more then a 3rd of your living time on your job, Have you ever felt how your life would be if your unhappy on what you do for a major part of the Day......Every day.  We empower you with skills that are current and also assist you to re position yourself in the market and to take the bold step of a JOB CHANGE! for a HAPPIER LIFE!

Restart Your Career

restarting career, jobs after 40 years age, job after pregnancy, new career, change industry

We take a break from work for various reasons, parents, Marriage, child birth, Nuclear Family, Health and sometimes because of bad phases in our life. This is applicable for both the genders. The program will help you to reinvent yourself and train you to RESTART YOUR CAREER

You have a choice to opt for the common program or for a batch that is exclusively for people with similar background. 


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The program can be completed in two weeks as a continuation of your College education. The classes are conveniently conducted Monday through Friday for two weeks  3 hours a day. You can choose between Morning 3 hours or afternoon 3 hours based on your convenience.  Followed by a 11 th day 3 hour program for a debriefing on how  to use the Recruitment Assistance Program



For the already employed who are looking to FAST TRACK their Growth in their organization or are unhappy and looking looking for a better Career Opportunities or Organizations can opt for the Weekend Program. Invest 6 hours for 4 Sundays plus 1 Saturday to empower yourself with the skills to make it big in life.   



You can choose any of the above two options, That suit your current schedule. This would be an ideal opportunity to recreate yourself,  and to be aware of what is  happening in the job market now.  The post program recruitment assistance helps you to choose the right Career Options to enable you to catch up with the time lost during your break.  



We train you to become the Near Perfect Employee that Organizations and Employers are looking out for,.....We create a Professional Paper Profile to be listed on on our Career Website.  

What Happens Next...?


Your Profile is exposed to employers who are searching for Quality Employees and after viewing your profile they express interest to meet you in person. 

We prepare / Counsel  you  1 on 1 to ensure you succeed the interview. 

The Best part of our employment assistance is........



You can opt for a 30 day or a 90 day trial period to chose to stay in the job or  not,  We counsel / Support you through this crucial period to ensure you not only succeed in getting a job but also perform well in the same with an excellent Happiness and Emotional Quotient !.  In the rare event you are not happy with the job within your chosen time period you could opt out within the time period and we will again assist you to get another job. The same option is available to the employer too, so the employer gives you the time to scale up to the required level within the stipulated time.  Do feel free to discuss the Relationship Parameters related to this offer.

Original Price Rs. 6,999/-

Offer Price Rs. 4,999/-*

* The price includes Training, Profile Creation , Career Counselling, Arranging Interviews, 1-2-1 Interview coaching, and 90 day Post Employment Mentoring to Facilitate New Environment Adaptation.     Complimentary Annual Membership in Catapult Career Club for your Continuous Learning & Development.    

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