1. When is the application open?

  1. There is no deadline as such, we accept applications throughout the year.
  1. The duration of the program is six months.
  1. Startups with product or a proof of concept combined with user acceptance and plan for user growth should apply.
  1. Our primary focus areas are; Telecom solutions, Mobile utilities, Advertisement technologies and Mobile gaming.
  2. Startups in emerging tech areas such as; IOT, Video, AI, AR, VR, Virtual support agent should also apply.
  1. First and foremost is the team, startup team should be self-sufficient as in it should be able to continue building the product.
  2. Startup should have a product that targets Millennials, expandable to the global audience, history of user traction and plan for user growth.
  1. We encourage a team of least two co-founders and members sufficient enough to continue developing the product.
  1. Yes, you can apply for the program from anywhere in the world, as long as you can work with our program team in India.
  1. During the program, the startup will get all required support such as technical infrastructure, digital marketing, mentoring from our leadership team, business planning and monetization, branding and PR, Killer co-working space and financial support.
  1. No, it is free of charge for all startups.
  1. We pay startup team monthly salaries for a period of six months and offer upfront financial cover on a case to case basis.
  1. No, we don’t take any equity but instead we acquire the product.
  1. Yes we do consider providing upfront financial cover to acquire products on case to case basis.
  1. Depending on how well a startup can grow during the program, one of the following could happen;
    1. If product doesn’t achieve desired growth: We decide not to pursue any further.
    2. In the event of product becoming successful after 6 months and it can continue to grow without the need of external capital funding: We may enter into a full time employment agreement with the startup on the fresh terms and conditions including a new compensation structure.
    3. In the event of product becoming successful and require external funding: A new company shall be incorporated with the ownership stake for U2opia, external investor/sand the startup. The equity distribution shall be decided at the time of fund raising with mutual consent.
  1. We only share information about your application with the relevant member of our team.