A Global Brand

U2opia Mobile is a global provider of mobile applications that enables ubiquitous and customized access to the social internet. We recognize a distinct opportunity in consumer networking and social mobility and collaborate with global internet giants and telecom carriers to realize this across the handset spectrum - from smartphones, to mid-level feature phones to basic phones.

U2opia Mobile works with the largest and most innovative mobile operators in Asia, Africa & Latin America and is managed by an experienced team with deep understanding of consumer, internet and mobile ecosystems. The company addresses a global user base of 1 Billion users in emerging markets with its innovative mobile data solutions. Over the span of 5 years , U2opia Mobile has inked strategic relationships with close to 100 MNO’s globally, reaching out to users in over 55 countries.

To know more about the company, log on to www.u2opiamobile.com